On the Liberty Amendments

Mark Levin, radio host and author, had the perfect plan to regain individual liberties from the elite political class in Washington.  As an example, let’s take term limits.  I remember in the 90’s after a series of House scandals (money laundering with the post office and free overdrafts with the bank), people were screaming for term limits.  Many states like Ohio voted for term limits on their state Representatives and Senators.  Some tried to limit the terms of their federally elected officials, but that was deemed unconstitutional.  Full disclosure, I voted with the 30% who opposed term limits.  I felt that people should just run better campaigns against an incumbent who has become out-of-touch, and part of me still believes I was right.

Returning to federal term limits, Congress would never pass an amendment limiting their power.  They would never repeal the 17th Amendment that allowed Senators to be elected by popular vote.  I can’t remember when I first heard it, but President Obama was going through the variety of patriots who serve America – “teachers, nurses, factory workers, and political servants.”  Ouch!  The Constitution does everything it can to prevent a political class, and yet that’s exactly what we have now.  The counties around Washington DC are the richest in the country as former Congressmen become lobbyists to help write thousand-page bills that only they understand.  As I tell my liberal friends, Congress is incapable of delivering on their most well-intentioned promises.

And now, the punchline of “The Liberty Amendments.”  We don’t need Congress to pass an amendment!  Here is the Wikipedia summary, but if 34 states agree to a State Convention to Propose Amendments, then it happens!  Through our state representatives we can propose term limits for Congress and the repeal of the 17th Amendment.  Levin also proposes a method to overturn a Supreme Court interpretation (why should a single guy or gal tip a 5-4 vote that the rest of us have to live by?) and a way to limit federal spending.

On September 28th in Ohio, I will be at the We The People Convention in Columbus.  The Article V Convention will be a major point of conversation as well as the Kasich Medicaid Expansion proposal, Common Core, and the Agenda 21 push in northeast Ohio by the Sustainability Communities Consortium, also known as VibrantNEO.  Follow me on Twitter @OdieMoats which I have streaming on the right of this page and I will try to live-tweet the event.  State Treasurer and 2012 Senate candidate Josh Mandel is for the Liberty Amendments in general and I hope he can help Ohio citizens to lobby their State Reps and Senators to propose and affirm Ohio’s role in an Article V Convention.  I look forward to the meeting and to help cut the legs off of the Washington elite.