A Closer Look at Ohio Districts

First of all, here is an image of the new congressional district map in Ohio.  The biggest changes occur in Northeast Ohio and then in Columbus where the city was given a district of its own for the first time in years.

As I described in my earlier post, northeast Ohio is a mess.  In this closer view of the Cleveland area, we see that the east and the west side of Cleveland continue to be split despite its population loss.  Instead of the Kucinich district being combined with that of Ms. Fudge, it stretches north and way to the west to Toledo to create a primary with Marcy Kaptur.  To maintain Cleveland’s minority-majority district, Ms. Fudge’s districts stretches south to capture the minority parts of Akron.   This in turn causes some odd shapes with districts from the rural north-central forcing them to stretch downward into Lorain and Cuyahoga counties.

In Summit County, we see that the Bob Gibbs district wraps around the Jim Renacci district, which then wraps around Akron now represented by Marcia Fudge (from Cleveland) and Tim Ryan (from Youngstown).  The spaghetti borders of Tim Ryan’s district can cause a person to go blind.  Steve LaTourette also had his district stretch to the south to now include parts of Portage and Summit Counties.


Finally we have the new congressional district in Columbus.  Former one-term congresswoman MaryJo Kilroy and Ohio Reps Ted Celeste and Joyce Beatty are among those considering this new seat.  The districts of Stivers and Tiberi should lean more Republican than in the past.  (Update: I had earlier put up an incorrect Columbus map.

Jim Jordan has the district to the northwest of Columbus while Steve Stivers has the district to the south.  The Turner-Austria district is further south and is now the Turner district following Austria’s decision not to run.)


This looks like Ohio will move from a 13-5 split to a 12-4 in the 2012 elections.  But it was only in 2008 that Ohio’s congressional split was 10-8 Democrat so I think those northern districts may be more competitve as time goes on.  Renacci and Gibbs are both Tea Party freshman, and Jim Renacci will be challenged this year by current congresswoman Betty Sutton.   It should be an interesting year.