A Pediatrician Not A Politician

Two of Ohio’s four Democrat districts (Marcia Fudge in Cleveland/Akron, and Joyce Beatty in Columbus) are urban and currently unreachable by Republican candidates.  Joe the Plumber, aka Sam Wurzelbacher, is running a high-profile campaign against Marcy Kaptur.  The final Democrat district is Tim Ryan’s 13th district running between Youngstown and Akron.  The Republican candidate here is Dr. Marisha Agana (website), and she spoke to the Portage County Tea Party in late August.  (video here)

She is a Phillipine immigrant who is a full-throated pro-life advocate with a touch of anti-trade protectionism that may appeal to open-minded Catholic union members who were distrustful of Barack Obama and tired of Democrat promises.  That’s the hope anyway.

In 2010, James Traficant ran as an independent and probably took votes from both sides but Tim Ryan still took well over 50% of the vote.  Redistricting may have only helped his prospects for this election and Agana definitely has her work cut out for her if she can flip this seat in her favor.


David Joyce: Latourette TNG

Last month the seven county GOP leaders encompassed in the northeast 14th district, selected Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce to replace Steve LaTourette.  LaTourette has been critical of the partisanship in the current Congress and decided to retire AFTER winning the Republican nomination in March, thereby preventing the nutty Tea Party voters from competing for his seat.  In selecting Joyce, the county leaders picked somebody much like LaTourette who was the Lake County Prosecutor and is respected by both sides of the aisle.  Here’s more from the Plain Dealer.

David Joyce speaks at a Romney rallyI actually heard both Steve LaTourette and David Joyce during a rainy day in Painesville at a Mitt Romney event in mid-September.  Joyce was good enough and is close to a shoe-in to win the November election.  Joyce’s opponent is not well-known or well-funded.  Democrats may choose this district as one of those to pick off in 2014 as they seek to regain some Congressional seats in (according to the  recent frustrating polls) “Blue” Ohio.

On a day that featured Joyce, Senator Portman, Senate candidate Mandel, and Mitt Romney, the most engaging speaker was Steve LaTourette himself.  It made me feel bad when thinking about my earlier posts criticizing his moderate stances, but he is responsible for the bed he made.  LaTourette spoke passionately about the problems with the policies of Obamacare and the means by which it was achieved.  He also spoke about jobs and the economy, and how the hyper-regulation of the EPA has specifically prevented local businesses from expansion and development.  That argument has unfortunately been missing in the Romney or Mandel campaigns, and they should get LaTourette to open all their events in Ohio and the rest of the swing states.  It was that good.