Ohio Returns Five Seats Red

By mid-2009, we could tell the Democrats were in trouble. Tea parties and townhalls were vehicles for people to express the classic constitutional ideals of limited government, and vehemently opposing the big government Marxism that Democrats were advocating. If the Blue Dogs had stood up and challenged Obama and Pelosi, then things may have turned out different. But they did not, and now over half of them are gone along with many freshmen, sophmores, and even some old-timers.

Driehaus and Kilroy were almost guaranteed to lose given their small margins of victory. I thought that maybe one of Boccieri or Space would lose because they represented rural and light urban areas of Ohio. They both lost. And finally the Blue Dog Charlie Wilson got punished for siding with the president so often.

Betty Sutton survived with strength in Lorain and Summit Counties. Kucinich only recieved 52% of the vote, while Ryan only won 54% in a three-way race. Sutton for 55% and Marcy Kaptur got 59%. Only Marcia Fudge in the near-majority-minority district of East Cleveland won handily with over 80% of the vote.

Statewide races all went the Republcians, including Kasich in what was the closer of the major races. The Attorney General race was the closest with a number of folks voting against Mike DeWine, voting either for Cordray or Robert Owens of the Constitution Party.

Next up is redistricting where Ohio is likely to lose two seats. I expect Northern Ohio to be redrawn between Cleveland and Toledo where the four Democrat seats might go down to three. Akron should get some retribution from the 2000 map and have a single representative. Southeast Ohio also has the awkward Ohio River district. So it’ll be interesting what the final map looks like, and it’ll be Republicans doing the drawing.