Gently Backing Herman Cain

I’ve always been interested in politics and the process, and each year I’ve chosen a “top three” that usually includes a top-tier as well as an underdog. I’m proud to say that in the summer of ’07, my picks were Giuliani, Romney, and Huckabee. Huckabee was in single digits in Iowa until August, and then took the lead a month or so before the caucus. Giuliani and Fred Thompson polled well through the summer, but then crashed through the fall and winter. Bottom line – it’s way too early to make a prediction, and I think it’s too early to back one-and-only-one candidate at this time. I’d vote for any of the current crowd 10 times before I’d vote for Obama.

That being said, I would vote for Herman Cain 11 times, along with maybe a few others. But he is definitely at the top of my list partly because he is fairly direct when answering questions. Some questioned his Afghanistan answer during the Fox debate, but sometimes the answer is “I’ll get back to you when I know more.” We’ve already had a candidate promise to close Gitmo only to discover after the fact that he was wrong. Herman Cain is not going to be somebody to make promises or statements that can’t be backed up in the future. I’m not Pollyannish to think this will be true 100% of the time, but it’ll be a lot closer to that number than what we have now.

Also his argument against HillaryCare proves that he understands the consequences of government action on the individual. The social engineers who we’ve elected in the past look at society as a whole, and make decisions that they believe will benefit the whole. Of course the programs and bureaucracy that result from this view can’t be managed and ultimately fail. Coming from the private sector, Herman Cain understands that an over-active government will do more harm than good for the individual.

Finally Cain has been vocally opposing Obama for the last couple of years, which frankly is more than can be said of other candidates.  Where was Romney over the last two years when the Tea Parties were being formed across the country?  Those of us who listen to talk radio know that it requires outstanding communication skills as well as a thorough understanding of the issues.

What does he lack?  The experience of negotiating with Democrats.  I’ll take communication and understanding over negotiating with Democrats any day.

There are others who I am looking at and would consider: Pawlenty, Bachmann, Romney, Daniels. I have a bottom list also which four years ago unfortunately included John McCain. Ohio has an early March primary which didn’t matter for the GOP in 2008 but kept Hillary alive for an extra couple of months. I look forward to the debates which I pray will be inclusive as well as informative.