Josh Mandel: Jim DeMint Targets Ohio

After the 2010 election, Jim DeMint said that he would not use his Senate Conservative Fund to challenge any sitting Senator.  While there are Republicans who are worth challenging, there is a great deal of hanging fruit with 23 Democrat seats up for grabs.  Freshman Senator Sherrod Brown is running as one of the most liberal senators in a body full of socialists.  Brown has been running for elective office for over 20 years and Ohio voters are very familiar with him, and Ohio voters have usually voted in his favor.  Picking off this hanging fruit will not be easy.

Enter Jim DeMint who making Ohio one of his first fights with Treasurer Josh Mandel as his guy –  Kevin Coughlin was a State Senator who considered running for Governor before John Kasich sucked out the oxygen for a challenge, and is currently campaigning for the Senate seat.  Ken Blackwell would have been a higher profile candidate, yet he announced last weekend that he would not be running for this seat and has likely retired from running for any other elective office (Daily Caller story).  While Coughlin is strong and independent-minded, I’m afraid that the Senate nomination is now Josh Mandel’s to lose.  Mandel is going to be a strong and high-profile candidate with backers like Jim DeMint and Erick Erickson at RedState.


Ohio Primary Update

Ohio will likely move its primary date from March 2012 to May 2012. While many activists say the candidates will likely be obvious by May and that March will give Ohioans a greater voice in the nominating process, the late October deadline for redictricting is forcing the Secretary of State’s hand. Ohio will lose two congressional seats, and both Democrats and Republicans who might be interested in challenging an incumbent won’t know until fall in which district they can run. (Rumor has it that Dennis Kucinich may move himself to a new seat in Washington if his district becomes unwinnable.)  Also, the simple logistics of putting on an election and getting signatures for candidates all take time. So while I would prefer the earlier primary date for the presidential race, I think the later date will help the congressional and statehouse candidates.

Also on July 1-2, Ohio will be holding the We The People Convention – I look forward to having Tea Parties from across the state get together to help turn this state around. In 2011 there will be two very important issues on the Ohio ballot. One is a vote to repeal Senate Bill 5, and another is to exempt Ohio from ObamaCare. There will be $25 million from liberal groups to convince folks to repeal Senate Bill 5 and it will take all that conservatives have to protect the Ohio taxpayer.