GOP: The Surrender Party

Our elected Washington DC Republicans are just as useless on vacation as they are when working.  The Democrats have started the month of August completely owning the two issues on which conservatives should be arguing: Amnesty and Obamacare.

First we have stories that 40 GOP members are going to vote for a path to citizenship regardless of border security.  (  Republicans should have been able to keep the argument on the border.  Hell, even John McCain ran on border security just 12 months ago.  And we don’t have good enough technology to secure the border?  Bricks and stone worked for the Chinese, why can’t we start there?  But instead, the straw man argument of deportations and the borderline bigoted argument that only Mexicans will do certain jobs seem to have won the day.

Then we can’t seem to do anything about Obamacare, which Harry Reid admits is a path to single-payer.  (  Congress breaks the law by subsidizing themselves, exempts many federal employees and many unions and Democrat supporters.  Where’s the GOP?  They are opposing Mike Lee!  They say that they will eliminate Obamacare… when they get 60 Senate votes!  I won’t hold my breath.

Elections have consequences, and those conservatives who stayed home are just as much to blame as the spineless Republicans in Congress.  If I were John Boehner, I’d be EXCITED to have one-half of one-third of the government!  The Democrats wouldn’t whine about it, they’d be charging up their base.  The base is ready to be charged, but first they need to insist on new leadership.  To that end, check out my new website, and lets support conservative nominees so we don’t end up with squishy leadership.