Wilson Holds Against Cap-and-Trade

After John Boehner threatened to read a 300-page ammendment plopped onto the floor last night, the vote went 218-211 in favor. Eight Republicans went against their party to support the bill, while 44 Democrats braved the wrath of Pelosi. Included in the list of Democratic defectors was Charlie Wilson (OH-6), a blue dog who appears to be the most courageous of the Democrats in standing up to the leadership.


Blue Dogs on Health Care

Ohio has two members of the previously relevant Blue Dog Democrats, Charlie Wilson (OH-6 of the Ohio River / Appalachia region) and Zach Space (OH-18 of the rural east-central region). President Obama wants Universal Health Care by August, or else it won’t get done. Now why is that? Good ideas know no timeline or calender, but bad ideas do not survive the disinfectant of time and sunlight.

Universal Health Care is ideal in the abstract. The Utopian process of the sick being cared for by altruistic medical staff using all means necessary is in the storyline of Star Trek, not real life. Universal Health Care (UHC) is more like Soylent Green where the elderly and disabled are encouraged by Tom Daschle to accept their condition.

Both of these Blue Dogs have positions on health care: one seems to be pro-UHC and the other ambiguous.  Charlie Wilson supports the S-Chip law which helps those children over 25 as well as the legitimate concerns of rural health care.  So I guess that means that he’s OK.

Zach Space, the sophomore from Dover, needs some work.  His website talks quite a bit about the uninsured, which is code for UHC.  He is of the opinion that the federal government, the political class, can actually help people.  That they can use the transfer their political decisions of every other year into a sustainably constructive policy regarding the life and death decisions of their constituents.

UHC does injury to those most in need.  For the elderly and disabled, Universal Helth Care will restrict their options.  Like Soylent Green, the acceptance of death is simply not a big deal.

Kasich: Recharge Ohio

John Kasich made it official yesterday by announcing his candidacy for Governor of Ohio. (http://www.kasichforohio.com) Right now the Ohio legislature is working on a budget, and I hope to look at it and respond to anything glaring. I got the sense that the Republican offer is still very heavy on the spending and moderate on the taxes. This is why the minutiae of a candidate’s details are sometimes not relevant – in order to get a passable majority, everybody makes a little compromise.

But the big picture should be made very clear. Gov. Strickland and the Democrats act as if the government can force success on people. They think that government is the tide that lifts all boats. They believe that they – whether their in Columbus or Washington DC – know best!

Conservatives know that 99 Ohio Representatives, 33 Ohio Senators plus the Governor cannot manage an economy, a school, a hospital, or even a stupid Workers Comp program. “The government that is best is the one the governs least.” That’s a quote from the Democrat’s favorite Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson. They should read it some time.