Steve LaTourette: The Weak Voice of Severe Moderation

Steve LaTourette has been representing northeast Ohio since the Gingrich Revolution in 1994.  He defeated the freshman Eric Fingerhut, a Democrat who has since run unsuccessfully for Senate in 2004 and then for Governor in 2006, in an area where Republican officeholders are few and far between.  For the last ten years, the district extended from east of Cleveland and north of Youngstown and all the way to Erie, Pennsylvania, and this year it will move further into Akron and Cleveland.  Much of this area is modestly Democratic with a big red spot in Geauga County.  LaTourette had never campaigned or presented himself as anything other than a moderate, and he may think that the time has come in Washington for a voice like his.

The problem with moderation is that it starts at your final negotiation position.  If both sides began with their moderate position, then this certainly would be a quicker and more efficient method to reach an agreement.  But there is nothing moderate with the positions in today’s Democrat party.  Federal spending has gone from almost $3 trillion to almost $4 trillion in the Pelosi / Obama era, and we never had the $3 trillion with which to start!  In the LaTourette era, spending has more than doubled.

While the Rand Paul spending bill is the best starting point in my opinion, the Paul Ryan bill should be more palatable for Republicans to begin budget negotiations.  The silence of the Democrats speaks volumes, and the discussion should be the Democrat incompetence with federal spending.  When Steve LaTourette joins the Democrats in condemning the Paul Ryan bill… well it’s what the tea party has come to expect from establishment-types.

His bipartisan proposal was bipartisanly defeated, which at least extends the argument on the Democrat incompetence.  LaTourette has a weak Heritage rating, but he has won his re-elections fairly comfortably and does not appear to have a significant challenge at this time.  The Democrats are throwing wild pitches right now, and I hope that Republican moderates would stop swinging outside the plate.