Zach Space, Charlie Wilson – What is a Blue Dog?

The Blue Dogs are holding up the ObamaCare project, and they are looking to be handsomely rewarded for it! Or at least that’s the take of those rightfully cynical of all politicians. Human Events has a story that compares these Blue Dogs with your typical East/West Coast Progressive – It lists certain critical bills from Congress and compares the record of the Blue Dogs clique with Pelosi and Hoyer. While some bills receive around 60-70% Blue Dog support, about half of these bills enjoyed support from over 90% of the Blue Dogs.

How did Ohio’s Blue Dog’s do with toeing the Democrat line?

Votes are Space, then Wilson

S-CHIP: Yes – Yes
TARP: Yes – Yes
Economic Stimulus: Yes – Yes
Economic Stimulus rev.: Yes – Yes
Omnibus Appropriations: Yes – Yes
Mortgage Loans: Yes – Yes
2010 Budget: Yes – Yes
Hate Crimes: Yes – Yes
More Appropriations: Yes – Yes
EPA Appropriations: Yes – Yes
Cap-and-Trade: Yes – No
Agriculture Appropriations: Yes – Yes
State Appropriations: Yes – Yes
Energy Appropriations: Yes – Yes

So where’s the single “No” in this list?  And that’s it!  A single no!  Everything else might as well be Nancy Pelosi.  Zach Space especially and Charlie Wilson are among the weak and spineless Blue Dogs who don’t deserve the name.


Mike DeWine :-/

Mike DeWine could have become Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. He was working his way up the Judiciary Committee. He had Harry Reid’s support to become a Supreme Court Justice. But in fact, Mike DeWine has been working his whole career to become Ohio’s Attorney General. (sigh!)

David Yost has already put his hat in the ring, and I am inclined to favor a “Tea Party” activist. We need fresh faces and people who will stand firm on principle. The Democrats have absolutely no interest in compromising on their government-first philosophy, so why should we compromise at all with the people-first philosophy. Mike DeWine, to his downfall, has been known to buddy up with the other side.

On the other hand…. I personally wish that I was more full-throated in my support for his re-election to the Senate. Sherrod Brown is precisely who we thought he was – he is a Paul Wellstone-type liberal who usually says what he means and means what he says. Little did we realize that the five seat loss in 2006 would be followed by an eight seat loss in 2008.

To that end, shouldn’t electability be an important priority in the 2010 elections? I didn’t think the entrance of Tom Ganley into the Senate race was worthy of a post because a) he’s a big name only with auto sales, and b) he entered the race second. Mike DeWine is different. He has won statewide office and would likely have a better chance against Richard Cordray, who won the Treasurer’s Office by a very slim margin. (He was later appointed to Attorney General, replacing Marc “too-much-the-frat-boy” Dann.)

There is still just under a year before the primary vote, so we will see how things iron out. Mike DeWine is palatable. But is he preferable?

House Democrats Feeling Some Heat

So how many House seats will Ohio turn next year? One? Two? How about four. Nancy Pelosi encouraged some members of “Big Business” to thank certain House members for their support of cap-and-trade. The House members included the names we’ve tagged from the beginning: Steve Driehaus (OH-1, Cincinnati), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15, Columbus), John Boccierri (OH-16, Canton), and Zach Space (OH-18, central southeast area from New Philadelphia through Zanesville to just before the southeastern Ohio River).

I found this story on Powerline ( and one of the comments stated that Driehaus is not too popular on Cincinnati. John Boccierri appeared on the Matt Patrick Show (WHLO 640 AM in Akron – and said that he wasn’t sure what percentage of his district had called and written against cap-and-trade.  Tim Ryan (OH-17, Youngstown) also went on the show and had to admit that he voted against the will of his district.

If cap-and-trade is yesterday’s news, then health care is today’s.  Voters protested today in the Akron and surrounding areas in front of the offices of Ryan, Boccierri, and Betty Sutton (OH-13, Lorain) to express their fear and anger at the current health care proposal.  Akron, by the way, drew the short straw in the redistricting of 1990 and was gerrymandered from a single district to these three districts which have the bulk of their popluations elsewhere.

Obama and the Democrats must have thought that they had a clear mandate after the last election.  They gained control of both elected branches including having 60 members in the Senate, something that hasn’t happened since Watergate.  Of course the Bush coverage mirrored that of Watergate, but some people should be careful of what they wish for.  The presidential election after the Carter election resulted in a Reagan landslide, including a 26-11 Democrat lead in contested Senate seats turning into Republicans winning 23-14.  The 1978 elections did not see much change, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this off-year election saw a major shift in the House and maybe the 18-18 contested Senate races.  Of course every House seat is up for grabs, and let’s grab these four seats from the Pelosi House.