Reminder to Sutton: Pelosi Couldn’t Win Your District

When Republicans held majorities in Congress, there was always the worry that somebody would break ranks – and over the years, McCain, Graham, Snowe & Collins, and our own DeWine and Voinovich have disappointed on one issue or the other. The Democrats, on the other hand, may have committed the sin of voting too much in lockstep. How can these Democrats from the Midwest vote in lockstep with the most liberal policies this country has seen, and expect to come home to welcoming arms?

The 13th district is a traditional blue collar union area just west of Cleveland.  Sherrod Brown represented the area for over a decade before he left to run for, and then win, Ohio’s Senate seat in 2006.  Brown was loyal to his party, and so been has Betty Sutton who has voted 90%… 95%… no… 99% of the time with the Democratic party –  I will admit that this session has been unique with the degree of partisanship, yet you lie in the bed you made.

Here are some links about Tom Ganley, the Republican challenger in this race.  I don’t remember when it happened, but Cook or RealClearPolitics didn’t have this race on the map until they threw it in the competitive category.

RedState interview –

Muslim Question –

WashPo –

Homepage –

I wish we had representatives that represented the district over party.  When that happened, there was more bipartisanship.  That doesn’t seem to be the place where or the time in which we are living.


RealClearPolitics – at this moment…

… is tracking six Democratic seats as well as Pat Tiberi’s 12th district as those that are in play. That leaves 4 out of the 18 seats as Democratic “safe seats.” Oh boy!

Just to further look at the vastness of the potential turnaround: (1) Pennsylvania is currently is 12-7 in favor of Democrats with 8 Democratic and 2 Republican seats in play;(2) and look at New York which is 26-2 Democratic with 7 seats in play.

The challengers for these six are:
1st – Steve Chabot ( in a rematch of 2008;

6th -Bill Johnson ( is challenging the “Blue Dog” Charlie Wilson;

13th – Betty Sutton was one of the swing votes in the health care debate, so make sure to ask her what caused her to vote yes.  Tom Ganley ( is a part time activist and full time car dealer and challenging her for this Northeast Ohio seat;

15th – In another 2008 rematch, Steve Stivers ( is challenging MaryJo Kilroy and I don’t think a recount will be needed this time in 2010;

16h – Jim Ranacci ( won a tight primary to challenge freshman John Boccieri in this NorthCentral swing district;

18th – and finally, look at Bob Gibbs ( who also won a primary to take this district back from sophomore Zach Space.

Also, please consider the 10th district where Peter Corrigan ( is challenging 2-time Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.  This district is solidly in Democratic Cuyahoga County and the win would echo the surprise 1994 outster of MaryRose Oakar.  Kucinich is a popular cult figure in the area, but Corrigan might be the right businessman to represent this struggling area in this struggling state.

Kasich For Those Who Remember

John Kasich’s career for the previous few years has been as a commentator on Fox News.  The first attack ads ridiculed his few years at Lehman Brothers.  My political awakening came in the 90’s,and I remember John Kasich as the House Budget Chairman who worked with Newt and the Blue Dog Democrat Classics to trim the budget and, whether the credit goes to Newt or to Clinton, produced a surplus.

I’m so glad that at least in Northeast Ohio, Kasich had a response ad that directly disputed his “large” role at Lehman brothers.  I have a bias that conservatives should go after votes in traditionally liberal districts instead of staying safe in the base.  Even when we were going through hard times in 2006 and 2008, I wish candidates like Blackwell would have made more of a presence in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

I hope Kasich continues to advertise in Democratic areas and help to change people’s minds.  Turnout and voter motivation are political concerns which are certainly valid, but I always hope to change a person’s heart and mind and convince them that the liberal, progressive way of thinking is destructive while the conservative way is constructive.  That’s enough of a tough job right there, but it needs to be be done.

Welcome Back

I’d really like a few extra hours in the day to write this blog. I think the idea, at least, of returning conservatives to Washington and to Columbus is very important. Unfortunately I have a day job, go to school part time, and my Orc Hunter is not pulling the DPS that is expected. Nevertheless, I’ll post what and when I can.

Since a year ago, I’m sure we’ll take three seats at minimum… my money would go to five seats… and then my hopes would be more seats currently held by Kucinich (my hometown district) and Tim Ryan (my current district). Currently, Ohio is split 10-8 in favor of the Democrats. Three months from now, that will not be the case. 🙂