RobPortman: the Political Class

I received a fundraising letter from Rob Portman the other day, and am ethically prohibited from sending him any money.  One reason is that, like the median family in America, my net worth has dropped significantly over the last ten years.  This covers the Obama administration and certainly the Bush administration.  A pox on BOTH houses.

Even if I had expendable cash though, would I get my money’s worth from Rob Portman?  Well the NRSC certainly hasn’t gotten any of my money.  I made THAT decision years ago when they backed future Democrats Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chaffee.  And then again the NRSC implicitly supported future Democrat Charlie Crist and Democrat favorite Mike Castle.  (While they may not have explicitly supported them, their contributors and their supporters certainly did.)  Later, Karl Rove said he was staying out of the Texas Senate runoff because there was no difference between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz.  So Dewhurst would have keynoted CPAC?

Lastly, and directly involving Rob Portman, is the support for Thad Cochran in Mississippi.  There is no reason that an honest Republican should support the less articulate conservative, the less energetic conservative, or the less mainstream conservative.  The only thing that Thad Cochran has in his favor is his connection to Washington DC.  For Rob Portman, this is all that counts.

The political class in Washington knows nothing about party – Democrats and Republicans are equally welcome.  They have the singular interest of self-preservation and they have the wherewithal to do it.  While median incomes of all US families has gone down, the incomes of Fairfax, Howard, and Loudon Counties have all gone up.  In fact, the median income in those counties is nearly DOUBLE that of the US median income!  So while Portman and Republicans and Democrats campaign for the middle class, it is simply an Alinsky tactic.  The political class is taking money from those of us trying to get ahead, and keeping it themselves.

For twenty years Rob Portman has been campaigning for fiscal sanity and for pro-growth policies.  Well if he is in fact trying to promote those things then he’s not doing a good job at it!  For over twenty years in the House, in the Bush administration, and now in the Senate, Portman has passed on opportunities to help the middle class IN FAVOR of helping the political class.  One of the principle checks that the legislative has over the executive is the expenditure of funds, and time and again Rob Portman sides with Chuck Schumer over Mike Lee.  That is not a role that an honest Republican should take.

Portman must keep the funds of the government flowing because the government is his priority.  His resume stinks of the establishment.  He is gaining a higher profile as this year has gone on, and with the GOP Convention coming to Ohio there is chatter as to whether he should run.  My mind is open and I might certainly think about supporting him over Hillary or Warren, but I promise you that he is Lucy with the football.  He is all talk.  He has talked for all of his twenty years in Washington, and the fiscal mess that he derides has only gotten worse.  He has neither the courage nor the capabilities, and most importantly he lacks the will to change course.


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